Don't Let the Elements Ruin Your Concrete Surface

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You want your concrete surface to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans. Dirt, rain and the sun can eat away at your concrete surface. A concrete sealing service will protect your sidewalk or driveway from the elements. Contact Impressions in Concrete to seal your concrete. This not only improves the look of your surface, but it also prevents premature wear.

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Spray Top System


Impressions in Concrete's spray top micro topping is a polymer modified
cementitious coating designed to be sprayed like a thin coat of paint over concrete,
brick, and other sound surfaces. Spray top is used to provide a thin, smooth,
concrete like finish prior to applying stains and dyes. If conforms to whatever
surface or texture as it is applied, leaving smooth surfaces smooth, and textured
surfaces textured. With spray top you can restore or recolor stamped concrete
without diminishing the texture of the stamped surface. Spray top is generally
applied over old or new concrete but can also be used over other types of surfaces
including foam shapes. Spray top is applied using a special spray gun and

Features and Benefits:

Excellent for restoring faded, stained, or discolored concrete with a very
thin application
Easily restores regular of 1⁄4" stamped concrete
Can be used on vertical surfaces
For application over concrete, foam and other sound surfaces
Recolors and restores stamped concrete without diminishing texture
Use with stencils for decorative designs and logos
Can be applied to concrete walls, floors, tilt ups, benches, furniture, etc.
Can be colored, stained or dyed
Durable, flexible, high bond strength and wearability

Typical Uses:

Retail shops, hotels, offices, residential and commercial floors, walls, foam
shapes, drives, walks, pool decks, and patios

Discover the benefits of a concrete restoration service

Improve the look of your concrete surface and extend its lifespan with a professional concrete restoration service. We'll restore your surface, then add a protective hardener that:

  • Prevents water damage
  • Guards against scratches
  • Keeps your surface from peeling
  • Helps your surface maintain its natural color
Save money over time when you plan a concrete restoration service. Contact our team now to plan your service in Houston, TX.